Everything you need

We offer a unique blend of traditional and cutting edge digital services to help you get your message out to the right people in ways that really work, last and deliver results.

With a strong client base in the property, housing, food, pharmaceutical, corporate finance and engineering sectors, we can flex and apply our creative minds and muscles to any marketing, communication, design or digital challenge. We aim to be people’s first call and favourite place for expert help with promotion, publicity, publications, public engagement and more.

On phones

Part of your team

From big-thinking, blue-sky strategy to fine detail delivery, we’ll quickly get to grips with what you need, and come up with clever, constructive ways to get the job done.

Along the way, we’ll get to know you well and become trusted partners you can always rely on for ideas, advice and instant, on-call support in a tight spot. Our services describe what we do, but it’s our personality, style and the way we do things that mark us out from the competitive crowd. You’ll like working with us, because we’re people people.


Helping you stand out

With our sister company Nimlok, we provide something special – a completely integrated, one-stop creative design, digital and support service for large format exhibition stands and events.

If you want to get yourself noticed in your industry or sector, and find powerful ways to engage with and understand your customers better, we are where it’s at. From multimedia interactive displays to mind-stimulating games and apps in the palm of your hand and at your fingertips, we deal with the full design and digital deck. And if you need something truly magic, we’ve probably got some aces up our sleeves.


Creating change

Our business is all about creating change for clients and their customers and stakeholders – more awareness, more engagement, more sales and more success.

Whatever you want to achieve and wherever you want to go, Creative Bridge will help you get there. And when our clients achieve amazing things, there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping them get the accolades and awards they deserve. Ask us to copywrite an award submission and you can get out your evening wear, because we’ll get you to the big bash with one hand on the trophy.


Proving our worth

We understand that everything we’re asked to do has to pay its way and more. Our work is only worthwhile if it generates value and return for you and your stakeholders.

We’ll help you follow through to see and feel the impact of what we’ve done. The best creative ideas, campaigns and support often have unintended, extra effects that can come as a nice surprise. So we keep our antennae tuned for those as well. We’re not happy unless our clients know we’re making a difference, and until we can prove it.

Front door

Coming back for more

The proportion of our clients who buy from us again and again is proof of our calibre and effectiveness. Most organisations that experience the Creative Bridge effect come back for more.

Typically, at least 80 per cent of our annual turnover by value comes from clients we’ve helped before. But we’re always seeking new relationships and new places to perform our best. So invite us in, see what we can do, and decide for yourself.