When it comes to communication, only two things matter: everything you say and everything you do! We’ll help you make the right choices for both. Good communication is about nailing the message, staying true to who and what you are, and choosing the right ways to reach people.


public relations

Our approach to PR is rooted in your business aims and objectives, enabling us to help you deliver the right messages in clear and interesting ways.

We have excellent links with national, regional, local and trade editors and journalists in the press and online. And if you hit a crisis, we’re experienced in helping you through it by staying cool and level headed, with a powerful mix of media management, training and advice.


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copywriting and editing

Strong products and services deserve equally high-quality writing that will make people want to find out more. Our copywriting team of qualified journalists and other professional writers will help you hit the mark with crisp, concise and elegant words that do you justice.

We can write from scratch, edit your material or build skills and capacity in-house by training and coaching your people in the art of plain language. We have a partnership arrangement with Plain Language Commission for discounted accreditation of documents and websites to the Clear English Standard.


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Customers, communities, public, employees, stakeholders – everyone wants and needs to be involved and engaged. The best organisations are often the ones that do this well – reaching up, down, in and out to get the views of the people and groups who matter.

We have a strong, UK-wide team of associates experienced in all sorts of consultation and engagement – from focus groups, stakeholder surveys and phone conferences to ‘best companies’ awards and big data. People often tell us things they wouldn’t tell clients direct, so our independent consultancy offers real nuggets of insight to inspire and shape your business.


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crisis communications

Life (and business) would soon get boring if everything went right all the time. Things can and do go wrong, so if a big crisis hits, you need to be prepared and have support on-hand to help. We’re experienced at reacting quickly to limit reputational damage and put a recovery strategy and tactics in place to help clients get back onto the front foot. The quality and good judgement of your initial response to a crisis will set the tone for what follows, so it pays to have expert advice and help on call.