Creative Bridge aims to be the first call and favourite place for all your marketing needs – digital, design, public relations and communications.

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Creative Bridge aims to be the first call and favourite place for all your marketing needs – digital, design, public relations and communications.

We’re a creative agency with all the skills and imagination you need under one roof. We put you and your customers at the heart of everything we do. You’ll find us stimulating and fun to work with, and we’re confident you’ll be impressed by the flair, ingenuity and elegance of what we do.

Whether it’s strategy, specialist support or one-off projects, we’ll help you to achieve your communications goals and business success.

We do:

  • marketing (strategy, branding and campaigns)
  • PR and communications (media, copywriting and community engagement)
  • design (logos and material for print, online and exhibitions)
  • digital (websites design, apps, ezines, games, campaigns and social media).

Often it’s the links between and across these disciplines that create the magic – blending the strengths of different media and tactics to produce stunning campaigns with real impact.

It’s our ability to spot and make these connections to deliver multi-channel marketing and communications that really marks us out from our peers and competitors. That, and our keenness to work as part of our clients’ teams – a close, critical friend you can rely on and trust.

We’re straight-talking and fair-minded, with a healthy blend of commercial and social motivation. We don’t mince our words if we feel something is wrong, and we tackle any problems openly and courteously. And if there’s an opportunity to make the world a better place through our work together, we’ll try to pounce on it.

We like to enjoy ourselves doing what we do, and always look to help our clients and partners do the same.

We’d love to work with you.