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    Welcome to the Creative Bridge blog. If you like technology, social media, marketing and creativity in all its forms, please make yourself at home. Likewise if you’re also inspired by people making things better through engagement.

    Those are our interests, and what we blog about. Expect posts from various members of our team when the fancy takes them…

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Senior project manager Alistair Henry says businesses need to keep up with new technology, or risk losing out. It’s easy to take for granted the technologies we have come to rely on in our everyday lives. Many of them we simply cannot imagine living without; forgetting that civilisation got on just fine before they were […]

    How can we turn people’s inspiring stories from #Housingday into higher levels of turn-out and making housing a vote changer in future elections? Tenants who give their time and talents to help their communities; surviving on a breadline budget and countless individual stories of people achieving great things against the odds. Only a few hours […]

    As housing slips out of UK voters’ top ten concerns, senior consultant Ian Hembrow pinpoints six things to give it more public pulling power. It affects absolutely everyone and is the biggest investment and decision that most of us ever make. Yet a recent Ipsos MORI poll shows that housing has dropped from seventh to […]

    Today’s digital age offers us a new freedom of speech … and more opportunities to win hearts and minds Fans of the acclaimed TV series Madmen, set in the 1960s heyday of advertising executives on New York’s Madison Avenue, will be familiar with its central character Don Draper and his talent for finding a way […]

    Let’s face it, it can be a bit of a battle out there in whatever market you operate. But it is amazing how many businesses carry on without stopping to pause and review what their competition is doing. The UK’s big four supermarkets are all a great example of this. So focussed on outdoing each […]